Too many Phones…

So there’s been a bit of change around the house, the biggest part is that my husband has picked up some part time work that gets him out of the house for a while each night, so the blog/social media/internet schedule has suffered a bit as we adjust to the change.

Anyway, I wanted to write something, and while looking for inspiration, I clicked on the first interesting sounding blog in my reader.  And yeah, there really is more of a connection with our devices than with other people a lot of the time, to be fair though, it seems like the best part of our lives is attached to our devices, crazy weekend with your friends? I’m pretty sure at least one of them just shared less than flattering candid shots of it on their Facebook.  Was there a cute girl giving your brother “the look” at the restaurant last night?  She’s probably stalking his Instagram right now.  (This is actually how one of my husband’s co-workers met his wife, when she tracked him down on Instagram.)  Best friend from college getting married this weekend? Odds are there will be more wedding photos on her phone than they pay the actual photographer for.

My point is, you tend to keep more than just your schedule or your contacts on your phone.  There’s happy memories, friends and family, and all that stuff you want, just a few taps away in the palm of your hand.  Of course all of that is filtered through your social media, that bucket list on Pinterest, that recipe you’re going to try just as soon as you have the time, bad news aside, who doesn’t look down at their device with a smile or a laugh?

Still, I can’t help but think that all of this connection to happy moments captured on our devices speaks to the big disconnect in person, we really have forgotten how to connect to people, I mean, how often do we suggest to people we meet to look us up on social media?  I look over and see my daughter tapping away on the iPad, and think on how the first thing she did after waking up this morning was to ask for my phone.  We’ve actually taken away her device privaleges because she’s too distracted to listen.

So how do we switch off?  What’s the point of having these experiences without a memento?  My husband said once that he looks back on the “good old days” as he gets older and that he’s saddened, not because he’s 40, but more for the people that used to be in his life that aren’t there anymore.  And as someone who misses her grandmother every day, I can get where he’s coming from.

We can teach our kids to read and write, learn history, current events, math and such, but the social interaction … at least that’s the argument we get when people hear we home school our kids… I wonder what kind of disjointed social interaction our kids, and future generations will develop as time goes on.  Is there a fix? does there need to be one? or is this just another sign of the times?



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