Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a good time today, whether you went to a church function, got snowed in, or just enjoyed a good meal with friends and family.  Between my husband and I, we know people that managed all three.  As for ourselves, well, it’s always a challenge to get half a dozen people out the door, and we had plans in place weeks ago, or so we thought.

Now, for some reason, the oldest children were entirely excited about Easter, maybe it was the thought of a bucket full of candy, or maybe they thought they were getting a sort of second Christmas, or maybe, just maybe, they were excited about family time.  Because of the nature of our business, we’re usually insanely busy around holidays, and as a result, Easter weekend plans fell by the side.

So a mom friend of mine suggested that we get the families together and do an Easter Egg hunt on April 1st.  I spoke to my husband and he says “sure, let’s do this, we haven’t made plans for the kids, this’ll be one and done.”  So we told the kids for weeks, they were excited, and for our part, we started prepping on Saturday.  Kids got bathed and styled, laundry was done, diaper bags were packed.  The husband packed a healthy lunch, and shoes were found.  Oh lord, the shoes, it took the better part of an hour to track down matching shoes for the baby, and miraculously, they stayed put until morning.  I had been told that this Easter Egg hunt was some big event, huge crowd, lots of kids, so in the spirit of shameless self promotion, I made matching outfits for the kids.  This is some uppity suburban community event, so of course, the kids have to look perfect, or at least, cute, the moms have to be “on point” and everyone is better than the person to the left.  This always makes me anxious, I hate people who are so busy  showcasing a fake image that they can’t just be themselves.  When moms are on point, most of the time, I’m pointing the other way, my husband cleans up, but he could care less about stuff like this.  But this is not about me, this was supposed to be for the kids, and (nearly) everything I do is for my kids.  So I was up at 6:30 am and so was everyone else.  We were on schedule, and we were out the door by 9:05.  I texted my friend a few minutes before leaving to see if she wanted to meet up beforehand or what.  She responds:  “Oh, that was YESTERDAY, I forgot to tell you.”

What. The. Hell.  How exactly do you make plans with someone to meet up at a public event, show up at said event, realize that the other people aren’t there, and then forget to tell them, “oh yeah, I know you’ve been planning for this Sunday, but it was really Saturday.”  No texts, no phone calls, but hey.  She then goes on to pass the blame off to her husband.  “There were lots of people, he had an anxiety attack.”  OK, fine, I get it, but then she goes on to qualify it “they put the autistic kids in between the 2-4 year olds and some other group, your son wouldn’t have had a good time.” My oldest is surrounded by younger children all day, every day, likely, he would have been perfectly at home, but whatever.  Now I have to break it to my kids that there’s no Easter Egg hunt.

Thanks for that.

I figure my husband will breathe a sigh of relief, that he really didn’t care to do anything today anyway, and then my middle son says: “are we still going?”  Then, before I have a chance to say anything, my husband puts his foot down. “Hell yes, we’re going, get your coat.” and so we loaded up, picnic lunch, NERF guns, and kids and took off to a city park downtown.  We’re used to things going awry, but this time, we’re making our own fun, and my angry, disconnected husband, is spearheading the charge.

Again, what the hell.  After the last few days he’s had, I did not expect this.  I figured it would be another day of laying on the couch, watching movies with the kids, but no, he says we all need to get out of the house for a day, and so we did.  Nothing, apparently, clears a funk like fresh air, a playground, and NERF guns.  While my husband never leaves the kids to their own devices at the park, it was…refreshing to see him out there catching my daughter off the slides, chasing our sons around the playground with NERF guns, and just enjoying the day.  I caught a few of the kids on camera, but the two biggest (my oldest, and my husband) managed to avoid all of my shots.

Nothing but smiles all around.  Sometimes life gets you down, other times you make the best of a bad situation.  I realized a few nights ago that I’ve finally gotten pretty much everything I’ve wanted at this point in my life.  Today I got something else.

Happy Easter everyone.


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