More Introspection…this time with Rabbit Holes.

So last night I took a deep breath and was happy for what I had.  I may not be perfect, but at the same time, I’m pretty sure there was another reason Donna Reed was filmed in black and white (aside from there being no such thing as technicolor.)

As we all know by now, Toys R Us is closing, and I’m a lot more broken up about it than I thought I would be.  I mean, sure, we rarely go, and then we even more rarely buy anything.  But I have great memories of being a kid, going with grandpa and grandma on the weekends, playing with the giant piano from BIG, trying out power wheels, and of course, an ever expanding toy collection.  I worked there in my twenties, and had enough fun to go back a second time shortly before my oldest was born.  And it’s sad that my kids (and grandchildren, eventually) won’t have memories like those.  Then my husband and I got onto the subject of how awesome malls were in the 80’s and 90’s, even though we both verge on panic attacks at the thought of going to the local mall now.

This led to me searching for abandoned location videos on YouTube, and I found a string of abandoned mall videos, abandoned amusement park videos, and eventually went looking for a video of the Santa’s Village that I used to go to as a kid.  I don’t exactly know what sparked this rabbit hole search, but it seemed really sad that so much time and effort was put into some of these places only to have them fall to ruin and disrepair.  I found out that former employees re-opened Santa’s Village in 2016, and I watched the two minute news spot on YouTube with a kind of hope…maybe not everything from my childhood will fall away…and then I hear them say that it was $60 for adults and $50 for children…and wow…

I understand that they have to keep the park running, to keep the staff paid, but it was pretty shocking that a place that used to be free to the public, and you paid for rides in strings of tickets, would now cost us almost $400.00

I think maybe my husband said it best once when he was dealing with nostalgia.  Brought on maybe, by the prospect of going back to his hometown (sort of) and reconnecting with old friends.  he says, that the older he gets, the more he misses his youth, mostly because of the people that were in his life back then.  Neither of us have surviving parents or grand parents, and well, as time goes on, the people you lose touch with surprise you.  I totally understand that, having recently (within the last two years) lost the biggest force in my life, when I think back about my life growing up, I find myself missing my mom, my dad, and of course my grandparents.  I used to call my grandma every day, and still think to reach out and pick up the phone, only to realize that there’s not going to be anyone on the other end.

I worry sometimes, that my kids won’t get to have the life I had, to make memories like I have.  I mean, its not just about shopping at Toys R Us (yeah, this turned into a wide circle) but the memories I have, associated with that place.  I could tell you all about my first bike, or She-Ra, Princess of Power; but I honestly don’t have that kind of fondness for boxes from Amazon, despite what my husband says.

Who’s to say what will happen in another ten years? I doubt much of this will be the same, but hopefully the future’s not so bleak as I sound right now.  Ugh…


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