New YouTube Requirements

YouTube has been on my to do list for a while, when we originally started coming up with ways to make my little home-based business into an empire (if you’re gonna go, go big.) One of the things I’m passionate about is cloth diapering, and much like my crocheting, it makes my husband grind his teeth.  While I won’t make any money cloth diapering, I found out a =lot= of information when I originally started shopping around through YouTube videos.

And people post all kinds of $#!T on YouTube.

More than once, I’ve had to curtail my children’s use of YouTube because someone has made dirty versions of SpongeBob© cartoons or I don’t want them to parrot some large man plowing through a massive pile of candy while making noises like a dinosaur.  Like I said, people post all kinds of things, and my kids, somehow, can find it.

Anyway, that was my aim, to inform people about cloth diapering, living and managing a large family, even how to crochet.  It still is but finding time to make a YouTube video is a challenge.  I figured, what the heck, you sit down, smile a bit, make a video and have a laugh, one good take, hit publish, and there you go.

So my first video on My So Called Mom Life took so many takes, and almost every one I had a dog or a kid walking into the frame, or my perfect silence would be shattered by a scream.  For most of the takes I felt weird talking to just a camera.  When my husband offered to stand in I couldn’t stop laughing at his unintentional attempts to make me laugh.  Hell, the one time I got the perfect take, I didn’t realize that my camera has a 25-minute governor on it and that it had shut off about half way through.  Four hours later, it was time for work, and that wasn’t even for the editing.  Then, somewhere during the summer, they changed the requirements to join the partner program.  And you needed so many views and followers to be eligible join.  At first, I was upset, because once again, we were literally a day late to the party.  But that just meant that I needed to post more content and get things done.

Well, recently we found out that they’ve changed the requirements once again.  In addition to reaching a certain number of views and followers, YPP members need to accrue 4,000 watch hours over a 12-month period.  This is nothing for large channels with huge followings and professional production companies, and, a lot of smaller channels feel like they’ve been punched in the gut and are getting kicked out of the community because they’re not getting their nickels and dimes from YouTube ad revenue.

Why the change? because some kid shot footage of a dead body, and this was okay.  This kid had to edit the footage they shot, and this was okay, the people that advertise on YouTube paid this kid to run ads during this video, and it was okay.  But it’s not their job to screen the content.  So now YouTube must ramp up their screening process, and a lot of smaller creators are going to quit, because the effort they put into this isn’t going to pay off, or at least not right away.  I could easily be one of those people, or I can ramp up my own process.  Everything in life is an uphill battle, and I’m entirely too stubborn.

Just ask my husband.



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