Laundry List Part Two…Dad Edition

So the other night, my wife discovered that our washer had stopped spinning.  It fills, it roars to life, but even though it doesn’t use so much water (and as a result, you wash a load multiple times) when the water isn’t spun out, and you wring your clothes out by hand, it’s plenty of water.

We’ve got plans to relocate in a few months, once weather and finances are more ideal, so of course, it’s a great time to spend another hundred dollars (or more) fixing the washer.  I might not balk at the idea so much if I hadn’t just replaced the motor in our furnace to avoid a repeat of last year’s $900.00 heating bill.

But as they say, when it rains, it pours.

So, my wife goes on the hunt, using local Facebook groups and craigslist.  Keep in mind, that I’m willing to spend money, but if I can save some at this juncture, I’m all for it, but the response, wow.

My wife fired off three or four inquiries about some vague listings between the two.  The first poster had a number of appliances listed for $5.00, in a town about twenty minutes drive from where we are.  The person came back later offering to sell us a washer for $250.00, but by that time we had already procured and installed one for a tenth of the price.  Another poster was in the process of lowering prices when we offered him $60.00 for a unit.  He countered with 70 via direct message, and called my wife a b!tch when she declined.  This, again, was shortly after she had found one that someone in her Facebook circle offered her one for free, providing we haul it away.

Now, recently in our area, housing prices have skyrocketed, and a lot of people are renovating, selling, and relocating.  So we actually got lucky in this new era of housing inflation.  All I have to do is meet the owner at 8:15 am.

So of course, my son feels the need to stay up watching television until 5 am.  Or at least, that was the last time I told him to go to bed.  My wife set a backup alarm, saying that it was highly unlikely that I would hear the first one.

She’s rarely wrong, but don’t tell her I said that.

I smashed the snooze button and instinctively went back to sleep.  My wife, claiming she heard the television, shut off the second alarm, and I managed to wake up at 8:03 am.  I was out the door in six minutes, and only managed to show up about five minutes past the agreed upon time.  To her credit, the owner of the home was very nice, even though neither of us was prepared to remove a washer, she had no tools, and I had taken mine out of my van when I stowed the seats.  So we parted ways and came back prepared to start the day an hour later.

Now, previously, my wife had installed our last washer, and before that, the one in our house had already been installed.  So when the discussion turned to it, and she told me that “I shouldn’t need any  hoses,” I disconnected them all and left them behind.  Unfortunately, the drainage assembly of our HE doorstop is quite a bit different from the drainage assembly on this:

So, unfortunately, my early morning washer expedition wasn’t quite over.  Now this washer is probably almost as old as I am, so I ran up the street to visit a local shop that handles a collection of belts, hoses, and all manner of things for heating, air and older model appliances.  It’s surrounded by two used appliance stores, an antique shop, and two more thrift stores in the area.  It’s genius really, and a cursory investigation of potential replacement parts would have cost me around $41.00, but I’d rather get the right parts the first time, as much as I hate returning things, so I passed on those parts and took a trip down the road.

Originally, my wife suggested Grover’s  and once again, she wasn’t wrong.  This place has saved me more than once.  The oldest kid completely blocked the toilet with an Imaginext Superman? Grover’s.  Five year old cracked the toilet seat in half by using it as a spring-board? Grover’s.  Some back alley contractor fixed the shower head in place with some kind of water proof thread sealant? Grover’s.  If you have one in your area, I can’t recommend them highly enough.  I walked in the door, was greeted by an employee faster than if I were attempting to take a trip to the back wall of The Buckle.  Within three minutes I had the parts I needed in my hand, for almost $20.00 less and I was back in my laundry room in ten.

Do I care that I don’t have a brand new washer and dryer? No, not really.  I care that this washer has all of the features my wife wanted for her needs.  My washer might be an older one, but it works better than our High Efficiency washer ever did.  I might have lost a little sleep yesterday, but I saved myself a lot of pain.  Oh yeah, and my wife is MacGyver.


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