Laundry List


There are six of us, and currently two of my children are in cloth diapers.  Needless to say, the washer and dryer run almost constantly.  Last year, our old Kenmore washer finally gave up its ghost.  After some of the usual comparison shopping, a new washer would have cost me, literally, a month’s rent.  My husband and I asked around on some neighborhood and personal Facebook groups, and eventually hit on Main St, Auction which, at least, here in Boise, turned out to be a hidden gem.  My husband and some friends went downtown, and had landed me a GE High Efficiency Washer for $40 plus tax.  After a week of washing clothes primarily by hand, I couldn’t believe my luck.  We got it home, installed, I flipped the switch and…nothing.  My husband and his friends were out for lunch, and I lost it.

But I paid forty bucks for it, so I suppose my expectations shouldn’t have been very high.  But they had been high enough to call my husband and flay him alive with all the hangry furor of an exasperated mom stuck home with four kids and no way to do laundry.  Well, in an effort to mitigate some of the damage, he spent the next bit of time calling around for a repair man.  Meanwhile, after the tongue lashing and a half dozen peanut butter sandwiches; for the kids, I, personally, hate peanut butter.  I took out my trusty soldering iron, took apart the machine, and soldered a few bad wires back together.


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