Crochet Crossover

Ordinarily I would post about something besides my Etsy store, but I’m particularly proud of this.  My husband and I spent a few hours last night creating new products for Valentine’s Day and the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.  My husband has been after me for some time now to move some of the hats I make over to our clothing shop.  The problem with this has been, primarily, that we can turn the clothing out within a day or so, and while I can crotchet pretty quickly, I like to give myself extra time to get my crochet items perfect.

My husband says that’s because I’m a perfectionist.  People might say that perfection is impossible.  That’s about the time I like to prove them otherwise.
Its a skill I picked up from my grandparents.  The crocheting, not necessarily the perfectionism.  My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was five, and my grandfather learned the skill as a part of therapy after his time in the Navy.Rosie the Riveter J. Howard Miller 1943So anyway, last night I had a moment of inspiration, while my husband was writing, and the children were enthralled with some 90’s X-Files episodes, I whipped out a quick crocheted beanie to accessorize one of our Valentine’s outfits, and in an hour, I had this:

My first ever Sparrow’s Closet/ WhimzyDesigns crochet crossover.  And don’t worry, I’ll be posting the pattern for the hat soon.

–Rosie the Riveter image credit J. Howard Miller 1943


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