New Year, New Me?

Everybody says this, every year after the holidays, it’s time to get up early, dust those lampshades (is that even a thing anymore?), organize the clutter, and hit the gym.

My husband worked the night shift for the better part of a decade, and in the interest of letting him sleep for more than an hour before rousing the kids, everybody in the house ran off a night shift schedule.  When he left to help run our growing Etsy shop, I figured; “Hey, we’ve got a lot to do, we can’t start our day at 9 am, we need to get the ball rolling at six.”

That first day was brutal, completely brutal.

Get up, change diapers, breakfast for six, do the dishes, make the shirts for one Etsy shop.  If we’re lucky, we can manage this before lunch, because the post must be out by four pm.  Lunch, diapers, and then home school lessons.  I lose my production assistant here, because my husband, the one with the BA in English Literature, turns into Head Muggle at Hogwarts, at least until the mail run.  Then he’s usually gone foreverit’s only a short while, depending on if he needs to stop at the store or drive by the mall during holiday traffic, or he just wants to get away from the noise.  Regardless, by the time he gets back, somewhere between 45 minutes and two hours, I’m ready for a break.  But there’s still dinner, more diapers, laundry, and then crocheting for the other Etsy shop.

Did I mention I own and operate two Etsy shops?

On the plus side, by the time we whittled our day down, after about fourteen hours of food, work, school, work, cleaning, and more work, everyone was way too tired to stay up very late.  But as far as getting up early…well, it’s a process.

We’re converting one room in the house from storage to a dedicated work space in the hopes of freeing up more of our living space.  Well, that and its a little harder to stand at the craft table and work around a hot iron when you look down and see this:

Callum Screaming Blog 1

(That’s one of my sons, usually he has more clothes on, but the face pretty much stays the same.)

As far as hitting the gym, realistically, that’s never been a New Year’s thing for me, it’s too expensive not to commit to, and well, especially now, there’s not enough time in the day.  “But Crystal,” they say, “hitting the gym will give you more energy to get things done.”  Maybe, when they decide on a 27-hour day, I’ll have a couple extra hours to make it to the gym.  People say I do too much, I say, rather, that not enough gets done.  (Yeah, I borrowed that line from “Call the Midwife,” but it pretty much sums up any day of my life.)

So, is this going to be the year of the “new me?” Maybe.  Maybe at the end of the day, I’ll be just as crazy, frazzled, and wound up as I’ve ever been, but I’ll be better tomorrow than I was yesterday, and that’s really the only resolution this so-called mom needs to keep.


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