The Road Trip

So we left Idaho around midnight on Thursday/Friday morning.  Shortly before we hit the road, Cal started vomiting.  Great, I suppose two days of running around like some feral child in the heat and the dirt finally got to him.  I'm already nervous because my daughter tends to get carsick quite easily, and we're about … Continue reading The Road Trip


Pack or Dump

So after our potential new landlords couldn't find anything interesting in our storage ottoman, and were driven away by the liquid plumr smell as we had previously tried to unclog the sink hours before they had arrived, (I'm pretty sure the advertising should read "should work in at least fifteen minutes" rather than "destroys clogs … Continue reading Pack or Dump

YouTube again, this time with more guns?

So with Parkland persistent in our minds, YouTube has continued to shorten the leash, as it were.  It's really a simple formula, money=support.  So now they've started taking down content that YouTube deems inappropriate, or otherwise de-monetizing channels, in this case, channels and videos that showcase automatic weapons and gun modification.  It's not a big … Continue reading YouTube again, this time with more guns?

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a good time today, whether you went to a church function, got snowed in, or just enjoyed a good meal with friends and family.  Between my husband and I, we know people that managed all three.  As for ourselves, well, it's always a challenge to get half a dozen people out … Continue reading Happy Easter