Too many Phones…

So there's been a bit of change around the house, the biggest part is that my husband has picked up some part time work that gets him out of the house for a while each night, so the blog/social media/internet schedule has suffered a bit as we adjust to the change. Anyway, I wanted to … Continue reading Too many Phones…


YouTube again, this time with more guns?

So with Parkland persistent in our minds, YouTube has continued to shorten the leash, as it were.  It's really a simple formula, money=support.  So now they've started taking down content that YouTube deems inappropriate, or otherwise de-monetizing channels, in this case, channels and videos that showcase automatic weapons and gun modification.  It's not a big … Continue reading YouTube again, this time with more guns?

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a good time today, whether you went to a church function, got snowed in, or just enjoyed a good meal with friends and family.  Between my husband and I, we know people that managed all three.  As for ourselves, well, it's always a challenge to get half a dozen people out … Continue reading Happy Easter